Skin Stretching Techniques for Pain Management by Oviedo’s Leading Physical Therapy Clinic, uImproved PT

Managing chronic pain is a daily struggle for many people, but with the innovative physical therapy techniques at uImproved PT in Oviedo, FL, we help our patients manage their pain with a non-invasive method. Skin stretching provides an effective alternative for pain management than pain meds, injections, and surgery, and is a core technique offered by the best physical therapist in Oviedo.

Skin stretching, sometimes known as dermoneuromodulation, involves gentle stretching of the skin, which helps desensitize and “free-up” the nerve endings that can increase the sensation of pain as it enters the skin. This technique is very useful for the management of acute pain and in the treatment of chronic pain.

In Oviedo, FL, uImproved PT therapists take a hands-on approach to this technique, applying light, non-painful pressure to the skin, allowing the skin to stretch and open up the “grommet holes” where the nerves enter into the skin.

We do not take a “brute force” approach to soft tissue work. Instead, we utilize gentle skin stretching and expertly placed, specific soft tissue techniques to help alleviate pain in the most comfortable way possible.

When you trust the best physical therapy clinic in Oviedo, FL, with your pain, you enter a world full of solutions that can provide a holistic approach to pain management, considering your comfort, overall health and wellness, and progressing toward your goals.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or to schedule a Free Discovery Visit with a therapist.

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