We Are Experts Providing Highly Rated Physical Therapy in Oviedo

Professional physical therapy provided by Dr. Nicholas Mercer can help to make you feel like life is returning to normal when you’re experiencing persistent back pain, knee pain, neck pain or if you are recovering from a recent surgery.

Ways that Dr. Mercer can help include:

  • Managing Chronic Persistent Pain
  • Rehab for a Work Injury
  • Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Helping With Vestibular Balance Issues
  • Rehabilitation for Neurological Issues
  • Recovery From Fractures, Strains and Sprains
  • Rehab for Sports Injuries

Professional physical therapy can be the best solution to help you overcome troublesome problems with persistent pain, strength, movement and balance. Cutting edge physical therapy in Oviedo Florida is delivered by Dr. Mercer, PT DPT CSPS.

Dr. Nicholas Mercer helps with providing the best physical therapy in Oviedo by developing an actionable plan for treatment that will have you on the road to recovery sooner than you might have imagined. He can also help with common problems like hip pain and shoulder pain caused by years of stress placed on those areas of the body. 

First Visit and Follow-Up Expectations For Your Oviedo Physical Therapy

The first time you see your physical therapist, you’ll be asked to provide consent to have your medical records released that relate to your condition. Then, the professional Oviedo physical therapist will evaluate your individual needs, the issues you’re experiencing, or the extent of any injuries that brought you to seek Oviedo physical therapy.

In follow-up visits, you may receive personalized treatment developed for you that may include:

  • Massage Services
  • Helpful Exercises
  • Range of Movement Exercises
  • Strength Improvement Advice and Exercises

Recovering from surgery can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, while treatments for chronic pain conditions can last longer until good results are experienced. You may also be advised about exercises you can do at home to help speed up your recovery process. The physical therapy Oviedo needs is found nearby, compassionately and professionally through Dr. Mercer.

When You Need Physical Therapy Services Near Oviedo

Our goal is to have uImproved Physical Therapy come up quickly when you search for physical therapy near me. Doctor Nicholas Mercer, PT DPT CSCS provides the physical therapy of Oviedo that local residents rely on to restore a life of reduced pain and improved range of motion. Finding a physical therapist near me is easy when you rely on the state-of-the-art, trusted services provided by Dr. Mercer.

Using Cutting Edge Technology to Evaluate Your Condition and to Track Progress

Your custom tailored treatment plan for physical therapy rehab may include the use of technologies such as:

  • X-Ray Technology
  • Laser Therapy Treatments
  • Cryotherapy Using Extreme Cold
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics

Your Oviedo physical therapist may also use professionally developed manual exercise treatment plans to enhance and quicken your recovery. Physical therapy programs are personally tailored for your specific needs. Physical therapy specialists may also make use of traditional plans using ice and heat to effectively reduce swelling and pain.

Costs of Rehab and Therapy

The costs of physical therapy in Oviedo Florida can vary and range from $30 to $400 for each session. You can rest assured that Dr. Mercer will take your available insurance coverage into consideration to help lessen your out-of-pocket costs. Costs will vary depending on how severe your back pain, neck pain, hip, knee or shoulder pain is, and the estimates of recovery time that are provided to you.

Main Benefits Provided by a Well-Developed Therapy Plan

The physical therapy Oviedo trusts, expertly provided by Dr. Nicholas Mercer has some amazing benefits including:

  • Improvement in Quality of Life When pain is reduced and free movement restored, life quality can go up exponentially and help to restore joy
  • Pain Reduction Which can help improve your health, both physically and mentally
  • Potential Prevention of Further and Future Injury When Oviedo physical therapy is done right, muscles can be strengthened and flexibility enhanced to help prevent future injury to the same spot

Recent, chronic and acute painful situations can all be improved upon, and wellness can be enhanced with the physical therapy of Oviedo expertly provided by Dr. Mercer. You can rest assured that even if some pain comes back after treatment, Dr. Nicholas Mercer is still here for you to offer continued help, along with useful solutions.

Continued Care After Treatments

If you experience the return of pain or other issues after your treatment, there are ways to alleviate the situation. Things that can be done include:

  • Re-Adjusting Your Care Plan
  • Extra Evaluation to Determine Pain Sources
  • Self Care Education
  • New Stretches or Exercises That May Help

Dedicated to Restoring a Pain Free and More Mobile Life

Dr. Mercer can give you new tips and ideas for new techniques to use so your pain can be reduced and healing continued after your physical therapy programs. You’ll find that your physical therapy rehab can go on to help restore full function and to strengthen muscles.

The truly great thing is that there are virtually no side effects or risks when you undertake the physical therapy Oviedo trusts for real results. Minor issues like soreness can happen, but they can be easily alleviated with simple solutions like applying heat or ice.

Before seeking help from physical therapy specialists, it is advised to consult with your doctor to address your concerns. Before you know it, you may experience an improved range of motion and easing of pain that can dramatically help to improve your quality of life.

To make an appointment or learn more about how we can help, call our office at (407) 315-2731 today.