Nerve Pain: Causes and Treatment from the Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Oviedo

Nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, is a debilitating condition that interferes with your everyday life. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Nicholas Mercer with uImproved PT, Oviedo’s leading physical therapy clinic, will look at the causes of nerve pain and the how physical therapy can help manage, prevent, and solve these conditions.

First, what is nerve pain? It feels like a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation. It is usually a result of damage or disease in the nerves of the body. However, unlike other pains, nerve pain doesn’t respond very well to normal pain medications, making it difficult to manage effectively.

There are many potential causes of nerve pain, including trauma to the nerves, which can lead to chronic pain. Diseases such as diabetes, can also cause nerve pain, specifically peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nerves in the feet and hands).

In some people, nerve pain can be a result of conditions like multiple sclerosis or consequences of a stroke.

While there are several causes of nerve pain, there are also several different ways to treat and manage nerve pain. For instance, physical therapy is a leading choice for nerve pain treatment. At uImproved PT, the best physical therapy clinic in Oviedo, we offer targeted physical therapy programs designed to alleviate nerve pain and improve your overall quality of life.

We often utilized techniques such as nerve glides and myofascial release to help reduce neurological tension and alleviate pain. We also prescribe corrective strength and conditioning exercises to improve overall physical function and decrease abnormal pressures and stressors on the nerves of the body.

Our clinic is at the forefront of nerve pain management. We pride ourselves on our individualized approach, working one on one with all patients to create a unique, specialized plan for your specific needs.

Remember, nerve pain is a complex condition, but it doesn’t have to become a chronic problem. With the right treatment plan, you can manage nerve pain and live a happy, healthy life.

As the best physical therapy clinic in Oviedo, we are ready  to help guide you through your journey to pain relief and improved quality of life. 

You health is our priority, so schedule a Free Discovery Visit with us today to start your journey to a pain-free life!

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