Should You Exercise With An Injury?

Whether it’s a rotator cuff injury, hamstring strain, or general back pain, active patients always ask the same thing: How can I stay fit and in shape with an injury?

Exercise With Injury
Indeed, most of my patients ask me when they will be able to get back to exercising. Unfortunately, there is no one answer for everyone (and the answer isn’t always as clear as you’d like). You see, when you are in pain, it can be scary to get back to the activities you enjoy. Worrying about if the exercise will increase your pain, worsen your injury, and set you back is a very common concern. When you finally get relief, you don’t really want to risk making it worse. So, how can you stay fit and exercise when you have an injury? The answer is working AROUND the injury. If you have a rotator cuff injury, do exercises that avoid lifting the shoulder. Hamstring strain? Avoid leg curls and overstretching the muscle. Back pain? Avoid any exercises that increase your pain. And, of course, never do anything that your physician tells you to avoid. Now, what if you are at the point in your injury where you are ready to get back to your regular routine? The key here is returning to your favorite exercises and activities slowly. If you used to work out with 10 lb weights before you were having pain, start doing exercises with 1 lb weights. Feel good? Try 2 lbs. Slowly increase weight, perform exercises slowly, and constantly check in with yourself. Was that painful? 

Did you use proper form?

Was it challenging? If you follow these tips, it will ensure that your passion for exercise won’t get in the way of your healing. However, if you are currently having pain, and it is either staying the same or getting worse, it may be time to get help. CLICK HERE for more free information and strategies on Ending Your Pain and getting back to an active lifestyle!

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