Alleviate Back and Hip Pain on Smooth Theme Park Rides

In another blog post, I wrote about how you can prevent back and neck pain that can be increased or even caused by rough theme park rides (roller coasters, etc). Today, I’m talking about what to do on smoother rides to manage and alleviate back and hip pain. As you know, a day at the park often involves over 20,000 steps. That’s a lot of steps! And if you are prone to hip and back pain, it can be hard to find time during the day to get some stretches or soft tissue work done that would help it. The solution? Use the time during the smoother, slower rides to get some mobility work done. On rides without lap bars or other restraints, you can use this time to perform some stretches (like the Piriformis Stretch) and soft tissue mobilization on the hip and thigh muscles. So, which exercises should you do? Everyone’s issues are different, so that is a difficult question to answer. However, if you’ve read about the 4 Stages of Theme Park Pain Preparedness, you know how important it is to become familiar with your common pain points and learn what exercises work best for you. I do provide some examples in the YouTube Video on Smoother Rides of 3 exercises you can use on these smoother rides without lap bars (check it out here!) Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss the upcoming post where I will cover some techniques you can utilize on the smoother rides WITH a lap bar, so you can make the most out of your theme park experience. Because Pain is Not Magical.

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