Who We Are and Who We Treat

We are a Physical Therapy Clinic  in Oviedo, FL dedicated to helping people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s get back to active, increase mobility, and stay independent without unnecessary surgeries, injections, or pain meds.

We give men and women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s the BEST help and advice to keep them PAIN-FREE, ACTIVE, and “ON-THE-GO” so they can enjoy a HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE for YEARS to come!

People who come to us include:

  • Health-conscious Ladies and Moms: who want to look and feel healthier, and be able to run after, play with, and care for their children (which is a lot easier to do without pain and discomfort).
  • On-the-move Men and Dads: who know that living with pain and discomfort is not good for them, and want more energy for both working and playing.
  • Sensible Men and Women: who know that pain medications prescribed by their physician are not the best answer, feel let down by the “specialist” who gave them a sheet of generic exercises, and want long-lasting, healthier solutions to their problems.
  • Active Grandparents: who know that it is much easier and more enjoyable to play with the grandkids without their nagging, frustrating pain or the restrictions of muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Concerned Men and Women Aged 50+: who realize it is much easier to prevent the complications of Arthritis, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Joint Pain if they can keep active, mobile, and exercise as much as they need to (which is much easier without pain and stiffness).
  • Weekend Athletes:  who want to be fit and ready for their next workout at the gym, run with friends, or bike ride around the town anytime they desire.
Does This Sound Like You?
Physical Therapy in Oviedo
Dr. Nicholas Mercer PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Nicholas Mercer is the owner of uImproved PT, dedicated to improving pain and discomfort through movement and manual therapies.

Dr. Mercer graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2015 and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2020, both from UCF.

In 2013, Dr. Mercer was experiencing knee and hip pain. He was diagnosed with bilateral FAI (hip impingement/bone spurs) and cartilage tears.

His surgeon told him the only option to fix this condition was to go into the hip, shave down the bone and clip the cartilage.

6 months after surgery, his pain was worse than before, and X-rays and MRIs showed his condition had returned.

Surgery was once again recommended, but Dr. Mercer knew there had to be a better option. After seeing multiple physical therapists about his issue, none of them could offer the relief he was seeking.

So, Dr. Mercer spent the following 3 years reading, learning, and working on how to make his hips (and the rest of his body) work “normally”.

This experience led him to his love of human movement and a strong desire to open uImproved PT so he could help those, like him, who were struggling with pain and dysfunction and couldn’t find the solution that worked for them.

Dr. Mercer realized many adults in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, who were facing surgeries, injections, and a lifetime of daily pain meds, had succumbed to the traditional PT treatment of just doing exercises in the corner of a room while their therapist helped 3 other patients at the same time (and not seeing good results).

So, Dr. Mercer made these active adults his primary focus, as he had witnessed the frustration of injections, surgeries, and “bad PT” firsthand these same people were facing.

What Are You Struggling With?